3i Tech Works, Inc., an innovative customer engagement platform launched its crowdfunding campaign with Start Engine on Friday, February 12th, 2022. The company uses an all-in-one service to connect and interact with mobile customers through SMS marketing, loyalty programs, and online and voice ordering for restaurants and retail businesses. 

3i Tech Works has been growing its revenue by nearly 100% for the past three years, helping drive traffic for storefront owners (retailers and restaurants) who could not acquire customers during the pandemic. The company uses one of the most powerful forms of modern-day marketing that supports local businesses and communities in adapting to—and thriving in—an increasingly digital economy. 

3i Tech Works is now searching for investors to assist in providing businesses with innovative solutions that could increase their revenue and prevent them from shutting their doors forever. 

This solution, Express Orders Voice, streamlines the orders received – at restaurants without staff – to handle more than 50% of Voice orders for a fixed price for unlimited orders per location. 3i Tech Works will add delivery to its offering by March/April 2022 to save restaurants money and give them direct access to their customers. 

Additionally, 3i Tech Works signed an agreement with Dining Alliance (the leading Group Purchasing Organization) to access more than 65,000 restaurants with $15 Billion in buying power. Today, 3i Tech Works is raising capital to implement their revolutionary Express Orders Voice and Deliveries to thousands of restaurants to efficiently manage orders with less staff while maintaining high-quality customer service.

The company is ready to deploy its solutions and wants investors to participate in their growth as owners. Visit StartEngine.com/3itech for participation details and help this company expand in this vital segment of our economy. Invest now to get 20% more shares from as little as $350, plus fees of $12, and receive 240 shares in a fast growing company. 

Become an investor in a company that is poised for explosive growth in 2022 and beyond. Invest in the future of Florida, Restaurants, Cruise Industry, Hospitality and Retail. 

About 3i Tech Works

3i Tech Works, Inc. is a Florida-based C Corporation that builds customer engagement solutions to increase customer loyalty and drive revenue for businesses while reducing costs. Our integrated platform aims to even the playing field for brick-and-mortar retailers and restaurants by providing the best digital tools to connect and engage with mobile customers.

This customer engagement platform captures real-time, onsite customer data, allowing clients to optimize their business based on purchasing trends and behaviors. 3i Tech provides each client with a dashboard that shows their product categories, the value of each customer relationship, and the success metrics of their SMS marketing campaigns.